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It is my prayer that each time you come and go, you will feel as though you had a God-encounter. Each week, I hope to share words that will encourage, inspire, impart hope, and will enhance your Christian walk. Please take a moment to share your thoughts on blogs that personally Speak 2 Your Heart by leaving a comment. May you be richly blessed as you travel with me on my Journey with Jesus!

What to Expect Each Week!

***Note: Currently writing once weekly due to some pressing deadlines. Schedule will resume soon!!!

Meet Me on Monday

I would love it if you would meet me each Monday for an inspirational, thought-provoking blog. The intent is to begin the week with a good foundation and with the tools you will need to finish strong. Expect Monday’s blog to challenge you in your walk with God and ignite a desire to go deeper in your relationship with Him. Anticipate having AHA moments along the way that will cause you to become unsatisfied with anything less than God’s best for your life…thereby provoking you to do something about it.


Whimsical Wednesday

We have heard it said that, “Laughter is good for the soul.” Well Whimsical Wednesday is designed with that in mind. Each Wednesday (Hump Day as most call it), the blog will not only contain encouragement, inspiration, and nuggets of wisdom…but a touch of humor as well. Expect moments that will give you the opportunity to chuckle, laugh out loud, or simply smile. Whatever the case, expect to be uplifted by what is shared.


Fill ’er Up Friday (TBD)

Fill ‘er Up Friday’s blog will contain a message of encouragement and inspiration to get you through the weekend. Some of the greatest have written blogs that are worthy of being resurfaced. So I will be sharing blogs that have truly blessed me…and that I believe will have the same impact on you. Thus, you will be exposed to some of the amazing writers that have been extremely instrumental in my walk with God and have encouraged me through their insight and transparency. May what you read not only get you through the weekend, but rather plant a seed that will germinate and cause you to experience exponential spiritual growth.

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