Rather than introduce you to what will be the norm for Whimsical Wednesday blogs, I want to seize the opportunity to introduce you to what is happening over on my Facebook Page, Speak 2 My Heart by Yolanda. I share affirmations and devotions there Monday through Friday (and sometimes a little extra on the weekend). Today’s devotion is titled ASK HIM TO PROVE IT! Note: You may still get a tiny little chuckle. Enjoy!


Affirmation: Today…I need a sign from the Lord, just to be sure I am moving according to His will.

I will place a wool fleece on the threshing floor. Judges 6:37 (NIV)

There are times when ideas or opportunities come and you just do not know if they are truly from God. As a result, you are sometimes afraid to trust your own intuition. You just want to be certain that you are not operating in your own strength. Well, this is normal. Sometimes what God shows you will seem so far fetched that you cannot help but question it. And in those times, it is perfectly fine to ask Him for a sign. Though there are times He will require you to trust His still, small voice; at times He is willing to respond to a fleece as well. The most important thing is that you gain the confidence you need to do His will. Thus, if you have been stagnant for quite some time because you are just not sure whether those dreams are from God…or perhaps from eating pizza too late at night…present your fleece and get prepared to acknowledge and act on His response to you!

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Have an AMAZING day!

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Yolanda is a devoted follower of Christ. As an author and speaker, she seeks out opportunities to spread the Gospel. Her personal mission is... To Communicate & Demonstrate Unshakable Faith! She is the proud mother of three and has one grandson, whom she adores. Her bonus family member is her spoiled rotten long haired chihuahau, Pennie.

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