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Rejoice with those who rejoice Romans 12:15 (NIV)

Be happy with those who are happy…Romans 12:15 (NIV)


WARNING: That is exactly what it was. It was a “let me explain before you see it kind of message that I received from a dear friend”. She was extending a courtesy to someone that she had not extended to me. She wanted to make sure my feelings would not be hurt or that I would not be offended when I discovered it.

Ha! I loved her more for even feeling like I was worthy of an explanation.

In fact…I fired back reaffirming that I am more than convinced of her love for me and am very aware that she is Spirit-led. And then I thanked her for tipping me off so that I could celebrate our Sister-In-Christ on her great accomplishment and be able to support her new endeavors too!

Now I have to be honest and say that my heart has not always been in this place. I spent years and years on the Potter’s Wheel to get rid of this blemish called jealousy, that was etched in my soul. Finally…it is gone!

Just this morning I happened upon an article called, “Stop Hating: Five Reasons It Pays to Get Happy About Other People’s Success”. It was jam packed with so many truths. But I honed in on just a few:

  • The article pointed out the Urban Dictionary’s meaning of the word “hater”: “A person who feels anger and/or jealousy for someone who has succeeded in something they have worked hard for.”

Silly me…This means I had the audacity to be angry at others for doing what it takes to make things happen in their own life. Those who put in the work are entitled to the benefit, right? And rather than being jealous of their accomplishments, I should allow them to inspire me.

  • “…how we handle other people’s success, especially when things may not be going so well for us, is an indicator of our maturity and belief in ourselves.”

Hmmm…it took me a bit, but thank God I grew up. Or should I say…God straightened me out! But the bigger picture is that we get to look at the success of others and realize, “If he/she can do it…then so can I!” When you have the right attitude about other people’s accomplishments…it will ignite your belief in yourself.

  • If you master generating genuine happiness for other people, not only will you find a cure for the envy, which can sabotage your success…you open the door to…more opportunities to be happy!

Envy and jealousy will imprison you if you allow such emotions to take root in your heart. Your key to freedom is letting it all go. Practice being happy for and even celebrating others. You will find that your mindset and even your heart will begin to change. You may not even know when the transformation takes place. You will just know that it has…and you will like the way it feels.

Lets take a look at what the Word of God says about how we are to feel about and entreat others:

“Teacher,” he asked, “which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” Jesus answered, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the greatest and the most important commandment. The second most important commandment is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’…”  Matthew 22:36-39 (GNT)

“Hating” is the modern day term for the word “jealousy”. As such, you cannot hate someone and love them all at the same time.

Here are few take-a-ways about love:

  • Love…is more than just lip service.

It is possible say over and over again, to someone, “I love you”; and not really mean it. Love is a matter of the heart. And if you allow jealousy to creep in, it will squeeze love right out. And when you say it, they will just be empty words…until you evict your unwanted guest (jealousy).

  • Love…is unconditional.

Love cannot be dependent upon how I feel about you from day to day. Jealousy can sometimes plant false impressions and thoughts about those in your world, especially when good things begin to happen for them and not necessarily for you. You must be able to shake off impure thoughts and love those God placed in your path for who you know they are…right where they are.


  • Love…is genuine, not manufactured.

You cannot make up love, it just is…and it will show. And just as love will show, jealousy will as well. Scripture tells us that the issues of life flow from the heart. And yep…envy will come gushing out if it is in there.

If you struggle with jealousy in any way, as I mentioned that I have in the past…NOW is a great time to release it to God. Turn the table on the enemy. When you feel something that does not feel right toward someone, make it a point to address it…immediately. As with a plant, jealousy will fester and grow if you nurture it. But so will love.

And to love for real…and be loved is a reason to CELEBRATE all by itself!

Lord, help me to rejoice those who rejoice. And help me to love like You love…FOR REAL! In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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79 thoughts on “Don’t Hate…Congratulate…Then Celebrate

  • Kristin Funston

    Love this! It’s SO HARD to get past this sometimes – especially when we’ve been working for the SAME thing.

    Thank you for this great reminder to rejoice with others!

    Stopping by from #FindStability linkup!

    • Yolanda Perry Post author

      So true Kristin! But we know that God is faithful to keep His promises concerning us. There was a time I was in ministry and God told me to push pause. All those who were walking alongside me kept moving forward. But I had to wait on God’s next move…for 5 long years. Today, I am confident that He knew what He was doing given the favor that I am now experiencing. I had to learn to cheer others on from the sidelines…which was building my cheer team for such a time as this. God knows what He is doing. So blessed by you today!

  • Heaven

    Here’s a great quote that goes right along with this post: “When we seek to complete rather than compete, it is so much easier to cheer each other on.” – Linda K. Burton

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You are spot on!

  • Joanna Sormunen

    I know I still sin with envy and jealousy. They are hard to get rid of. There are moments when I’m genuinely happy for someone. And then at another moment I feel angry because someone else got a chance I would have liked to have. I know God has a lot of work to do still in me but He is doing it and He is making me see how wrong I am and helping me to be rejoice with the ones that are happy.

    • Yolanda Perry Post author

      Joanna…The first step in doing better is being able to admit where you are. God hears you. And as you surrender to Him, He will work on this area of your life. It was not an overnight fix for me, but it was worth the journey to have the peace I have today. God is and will be faithful to you!

  • Bethany


    Always a delight to read your posts! Visiting from #RaRaLinkup : )

    This prayer: “Lord, help me to rejoice those who rejoice.” What a prayer! Straight from His Word and not something we think of as hard to do…but boy, can it be!

    Thank you for gently and firmly emphasizing this truth to convict and encourage. What a treasure you are!!

  • Danise Jurado

    Good morning Yolanda! 🙂


    Love is unconditional, genuine and more than lip service!!! Amen sister!!

    Not only does God encourage and equip us not to be a hater…. He encourages and equips us to LOVE the haters!

    Thank you for your servant’s heart and ministry of faith and hope! Keep shining for our Lord!

    I LOVE ya Yolanda,


  • Danise Jurado


    Love is unconditional, genuine and much, much more than lip service… Amen!

    God has encouraged and equiped us not only to not be a hater but He has equiped us to LOVE the haters…

    Thank you Yolanda for your servant’s heart and your ministry of faith and hope! Keep shining for our Lord

    Blessings to you! I LOVE ya,


  • saleslady371

    Hi, Yolanda:
    I’m coming over from Testimony Tuesday. I enjoyed your post – so full of Godly wisdom. Oh, if we women can get a hold of this message and walk it out. Imagine what the world would be like!!!!


    • Yolanda Perry Post author

      Mary…I can sense your joy through your comment. Thank you so much for your kind words. And yes we need to run with this this called love and shake of this thing called hating/jealousy!

  • Kristi

    Love never fails. Ever. I’ve been in the trap of jealousy as well. You’re not alone, Yolanda. It’s so much better to cheer others on and be excited for them, isn’t it? Trusting God….

  • Candace

    Envy and jealousy are things I know far too well. You are so right about them imprisoning us, Yolanda! I can’t agree more. When I learned to cheer on other people’s successes, I learned there was plenty to go around for everyone. By focusing on love, as you so beautifully teach here, we don’t have room for jealousy.

    • Yolanda Perry Post author

      Love does trump all things…even jealousy! And you are right, there is plenty to go around. And we will clearly see what is for us when not focused on what belongs to someone else.

      Thanks for visiting Candace

  • Bonnie Lyn Smith

    I just loved getting on here to check out my new friend Yolanda’s blog. This is awesome! I LOVE how positive you are! This so resonates with me. I am constantly being sanctified more and more on this issue…jealousy. It’s so good to be reminded where we can each do better and why: Don’t we all want to live with more joy, peace, and goodwill toward men/women, after all? Love your vibe here! Blessings from “Espressos of Faith,” and thanks so much for telling me about RaRa Linkup!

  • Ceil

    Hi Yolanda! I am so appreciative of your ‘grown up’ heart. I do struggle with jealousy still, although I am getting better. I read somewhere that it’s such a useless thing to indulge in. I should be happy for another’s success because it just shows that success is possible! So it’s possible for me too.

    I want to have that genuine love, the love that claps and smiles and congratulates. And I know I can get there with the Lord’s sweet grace.
    Great to see you! From #RaRa Linkup,

    • Yolanda Perry Post author

      Ceil…Thank you for your words of affirmation and for sharing so candidly! I love that God’s grace is sufficient for us and His strength is made perfect in our weaknesses!

  • Crystal Storms

    “Maturity” is a word I keep seeing over and over recently. Do you thing God might be sending me a message, Yolanda? Your words remind me I need to pause and ponder what is in my heart, so I can always be someone who congratulates and celebrates the victories of others.

    Thank you, Yolanda, for sharing your heart at #IntentionalTuesday on Intentionally Pursuing. : )

  • Stephanie Tisby

    Ohhhh this so good. I don’t want to be a hater. I want to be a celebrated. Perfect Love cast away all fear. The fear that someone is better than you in some way. Wow thus so good, and so true. God has given all of his children different gifts,talents, and blessings. We need to celebrate each other’s gifts that is how the body of Christ will grow, and become strong. We can be more effective for God if We work together. Praise God girl !!! I love this. I have got to just meditate on this for a minute. Awesome, Yolanda !!!

  • Helene

    I love this post. It is so hard to identify and let the Spirit squash covetousness and envy in our lives. However these sins can do immeasurable damage in our lives and relationships! Thanks for sharing today.

  • Deborah

    Yolanda, you just make me giggle with these truths 🙂 .
    “Silly me” in my past too, and thank God He pulled me out as well. It’s so true, there is a definite immaturity when we “hate” on people who get/accomplish what they worked hard for. And that immaturity prevents our growth and can prevent genuine happiness for ourselves–much less love and rejoicing for that other person. I want to love. I want to grow. And I definitely want to mature.
    Thank you for your inspiration this morning.

  • Kelly Balarie


    I love this post and I love how you rallied in truth. You fought -and you won! Way to go sister. I also love how many women rallied around you on this post. You are so loved and so dear. I am beyond blessed to know you. Thank you for being an inspiration. Cheering you on from the #RaRalinkup on Purposeful Faith.

  • bluecottonmemory

    I love your heart! Yes – it does take maturity to get to that place – and a heart choosing love! I think to key to escaping the jealousy/envy is understanding who we are to Him. I like this so much: “This means I had the audacity to be angry at others for doing what it takes to make things happen in their own life.” I think you hit on big truth there! So glad I came by! Wishing you blessings!

  • Lisa Murray

    What a powerful nugget about jealousy! I, too, ” spent years and years on the Potter’s Wheel to get rid of this blemish called jealousy, that was etched in my soul.” It feels so good to be able to rejoice with others, to be happy with them, and to find that rejoicing frees me to pursue the unique passions stirring in my heart. Blessings today!!!!
    Lisa Murray

  • Celi

    This was great! It’s so important to not get caught up in ourselves and remember to rejoice for others victories. I love this reminder! Thanks for sharing. ♥

  • Lisa notes

    Don’t you love it when you can see you’re growing? This is a great example, Yolanda. Jealousy is something we’d do well to all grow out of. I’m thankful God keeps working on this with me, too. Reason to celebrate!

  • Dana

    This is spot-on!!!!! I certainly hope we can all get to a place of love and acceptance without “hating.” It is essential to the church, I believe! Thank you for sharing this encouraging word!


  • Gayl

    Yolanda, once again you have such an encouraging post! May we all have true love for one another so that we can build up and rejoice when good things happen to others. 🙂

  • Stacey Thureen


    This is so good and so true! Thank you for being vulnerable, transparent, real. I loved how you wrote, “Your key to freedom is letting it all go.” Amen, sister. Amen.

    Stopping by from the #FindStability link-up.


  • Carol

    This is such an important topic. I knew that I struggled with it when my focus was entirely on my family, my girls in high school. I needed to have a broader perspective, celebrating other students. Our culture is very achievement driven and it is easy to slide into the place where we are concerned only about ourselves. As the body of Christ, lets celebrate with each man and woman’s success. Great post!

    • Yolanda Perry Post author

      Carol…even I have made great progress, I still practice celebrating people. I look for opportunities to give compliments. And I can tell you it feels like a gentle breeze every time I give one. 🙂

  • Carolyn Dale Newell

    Hello sweet sister! I was so glad to find myself next to you on #dancewithJesus. As always, I love your beautiful thoughts and words. Words I needed to read. I would love to subscribe to your blog and if you have that set up yet, please let me know. Blessings!

  • Carmen Horne

    Ok so how did you know I needed to read this today? We are traveling in a world filled with opportunities to compare. I fight that ugly fight all the time (as I write this I am thinking of that yucky Mucinex thing on the tv commercial. Just following people around to make them sick). Comparison just kills joy. The joy of what’s going on in my life and the joy I feel for others. I’m a work in progress. God’s love never fails.

  • Leah Adams

    Yolanda, this is SOOOO good. It is very easy to slip into the jealousy mode over someone else’s achievements, but doing so is NEVER a blessing to anyone. It only separates and causes angst. I had never connected the word ‘hater’ with the concept though. It is a perfect word. Popped in from #GraceTruth.

  • Sharita

    Don’t hate… Congratulate… Celebrate– It’s great! (Sorry… I couldn’t resist. I am a sucker for sweet rhymes.)

    Such a powerful post, Yolanda. So much truth!