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…God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1 (ESV)

The name of the LORD is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. Proverbs 18:10 (NLT)

There I sat at my desk at work with my face buried in my hands with tears streaming down my face. I did not know where my son was.

No. He is not a toddler that ran off in the grocery store or hid under a rack at a department store.

No. He is not a hot-headed teenager who ignored my instructions, and hung out with friends after school.

I graduated from both those schools of thought a long, long time ago.

Actually, my son is an adult, 25 years old as a matter of fact…but I was extremely concerned for his safety at that time.

I did not feel this way the day before. I was in the land of bliss as a total stranger was observing what a wonderful mother I was in a restaurant. If you read last week’s blog, you remember…he even wanted to name me Mother of the Year…if he were a newspaper reporter.

Yep. One day later, I (the lady of the hour) was in absolute turmoil over my son’s whereabouts after receiving a text with an alarmingly confusing message.

Oh my…What do I do? What else could I do?

I reached out to few people in my world that knows the power and worth of prayer.

And through the tears, I prayed too…in a way that could best be described as crying out to God. In that moment I needed a PRESENT HELP…a right now response from Him.

…God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1 (ESV)

He answered me…almost immediately!

My son called, and he was stuck…and not just down the street or around the corner. He was 1500 miles away at the time.  I discovered he was in another state.

God began to instruct my heart as a mom. He had served as a protector and refuge for my son the past few weeks. Now He was allowing me to run to his rescue.

Now this meant dropping EVERYTHING…

  1. Leaving my guests behind at a party given in honor of my birthday and graduation.
  2. Rushing to the airport with only 45 minutes to get through security and board.
  3. Landing in Las Vegas…jumping right into my son’s car to help him drive 16 hours to return.

My son is a bright, handsome, intelligent young man. From the time he was a little boy, God began to describe him as “a Mighty Man of Valour” to me. And I have yet to catch God in a lie…so I anxiously await the manifestation of all God created my offspring to be.

So for now, I follow His step-by-step instructions on how to entreat and how and when to be there for him.

Motherhood brings many highs, lows, and even plateaus. But we have to lean into God, especially in our times of uncertainty.

So here are a few helpful reminders as Mother’s Day approaches:

  • Age really is just a number.

Motherhood does not come with a retirement package.

No matter how old your children gets, they are still your children. Whether they came from your womb or through adoption or however God placed them in your care…they are yours to love, nurture, and protect…always.

  • Know when to stand down and when to step in.

Mothering adult children can be tricky. You have to hear God concerning when to stand down and when to step in when they are in trouble. Moving outside of God’s timing will only cripple or stifle your children. And it will usurp their sense of ability to navigate their own paths through life as God designed it for them.

  • Love them right where they are.

As a mom, we want the very best for our children. And so does God. And we have to trust the plan He has for their lives, despite their current state. We ought not be in a holding pattern concerning our love and admiration toward them. We must love them as God does…as He loves each of us…unconditionally.

May you be blessed beyond measure as you celebrate this upcoming Mother’s Day!

Lord, may I be the mother You called me to be…one that can hear Your clear instructions concerning my offspring. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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Yolanda is a devoted follower of Christ. As an author and speaker, she seeks out opportunities to spread the Gospel. Her personal mission is... To Communicate & Demonstrate Unshakable Faith! She is the proud mother of three and has one grandson, whom she adores. Her bonus family member is her spoiled rotten long haired chihuahau, Pennie.

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56 thoughts on “Mom to the Rescue via Jesus as a Refuge

  • Gayl

    Yolanda, this is great! You speak with wisdom as a mom. As a mom of 7 adult children I agree wholeheartedly with your observations here: “Age really is just a number. Know when to step down and when to step in. Love them right where they are.” And we need to constantly look to God for wisdom to be the mom He wants us to be. This is my prayer, too: “Lord, may I be the mother You called me to be…one that can hear Your clear instructions concerning my offspring. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.” Blessings to you and much love!

    • Yolanda Perry Post author

      Thank you for your kind words Gayl…lots of trials and errors to get to where I am today. And there’s still a lot of learning to do, I’m sure. 🙂 HMD to you!

  • Ceil

    Hi Yolanda! Your roller coaster of feelings reminds me of the prophets. Blissful one moment, being chased the next. Sometimes God just knows we can’t take it all. We get the information we need when we need it. And it looks like you got it when you could be of help.
    You are so right! Motherhood continues for our whole lives, there just isn’t a retirement plan for us. Much like God, we are to keep loving and loving and loving. Thanks be to him who gives us the grace to do that!

    • Yolanda Perry Post author

      Ceil, I do walk in the prophetic calling. So you have enlightened me, as I never made the correlation of that to my definite roller coaster life experiences that I have definitely had. You don’t know the half, but through my transparency you will learn much. 🙂 So glad you dropped by and HMD to you!

  • Lisa Murray

    Love! As a fellow “rescuing” mother, not in the “helicopter-mom” sense, but in the “God-moves-in-and-uses us-as part-of-His-protection-and-plan-for-our-children” sense, it’s beautiful to see the love you hold for God and your son. I loved the line, “Motherhood brings many highs, lows, and even plateaus. But we have to lean into God, especially in our times of uncertainty.” Yes, yes, and yes! Blessings, friend.

  • Karen Brown

    Oh, Yolanda- Thank you for sharing your highs and lows of motherhood. We can all relate. And… as a mother of a son in his twenties- Your advice is spot on. Let’s pray for each other as we navigate these waters, shall we? And I’m praying these beautiful words right alongside you: “Lord, may I be the mother You called me to be…one that can hear Your clear instructions concerning my offspring. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

    • Yolanda Perry Post author

      Yes we can all relate. And I love to let others know…you are not alone. Also, just because our kiddos don’t hit the mark from time to time, it does not strip us of the great things we have contributed and sown into them. HMD Karen!

  • Dolly@Soulstops


    Wow…So glad God answered right away and your son was safe and well. Great tips you shared…and yes, pray always 🙂 Congrats again on your graduation and your birthday…may God continue to bless you and use your words to bless others 🙂

    • Yolanda Perry Post author

      Amanda…it really takes being in that Secret Place so you can hear God. Sometimes we mistake His voice for our own emotions, but we get back up and try again. HMD to you too!

  • Tiffany

    Such encouragement for me here, Yolanda. While my son is only twelve and getting ready to start middle school, I’m seeing these lessons playout. Giving him some new freedoms to stretch his wings, encouraging him to pray and solve problems without jumping to the rescue, and the hardest…letting him fail and grow from the mistake. My heart is to toss him into a bubble and hold him close, but God’s heart is to grow in him and have me trust the process. So glad I have plenty of years ahead of me to get this right and watch him grow. Thank you for sharing your wisdom! Glad to be your neighbor at #threewordwednesday.

    • Yolanda Perry Post author

      Tiffany, even at 12 I had to learn when to stand down and when to step in…and in certain instances I did have to remind myself to love right where they are… 🙂 Thank you for dropping by Friend!

  • Celi

    I love this! So true and so beautiful…thanks for reminding to love them where they are. It’s great to know that there are mom’s out there like you that can help one another see things the way God intends. Thanks so much for sharing. ♥

  • Christine Duncan

    It is a lovely thing to know that there are still moms out there who really walk the walk of God’s grace with their kids, no matter how old. Our families need soft places to land, and at the same time, gain their footing. And God sees and hears it all, and because He is for us, nothing can stand against us as we live our love for our families!
    Bravo, girl, for sharing this tender situation so that we all might be encouraged! Much love, lady!xxoo

  • Debbie W.

    Great post Yolanda. We are always mothers and both of my children are in their 30s. We do have to know when to stand down as they always told us at work or when to step in. Sounds like you are the Godly mother God called you to be. Your neighbor on Everyday Jesus. Debbie

  • Lisa notes

    Love these thoughts today, Yolanda. As a mother of a 25-year-old myself, I understand those feelings. I can still feel panic. And I can often question what is the right way to parent an adult child. No handbook on this stage of life either! ha. What a wonderful praying mother that your son has. Glad you were able to help him out. May God continue to bless you as you watch your son grow into his calling.

  • Kamea Hope

    Wow, thank you for this! I love your honesty, and seeing the evidence of how you rely on God’s leading in the everyday decisions of life. It was so powerful to read your perspective of there being a time to step in, and a time to hold back and let God work. I am newly parenting a young adult (18) and it is tricky to learn the balance of letting go, and still imposing some guidelines and expectations for my daughter who is just home from her first year of college. I highly value the wisdom you shared here. Thank you!

    • Yolanda Perry Post author

      Kamea…What I have found to be important is keeping all things in perspective. What I mean by that is when they turn 18 (the legal age of an adult), that simply means they are responsible for themselves. However, you are still responsible for your household. You now have to let them steer their own paths while being available to guide from the sidelines. As it pertains to your household, you have to set boundaries that you are comfortable with and be consistent with maintaining them. It is now their choice (at 18 or older) to live there if they are willing to honor what you have set in place. I would be the first to say that I have some stern nonnegotiables. But my children respect the fact that I have a stand. It is teaching them how to stand as well.

  • Michele Morin

    Also a mum to a houseful of boys, I hear your heart. We love them, and we walk a tightrope between helping and letting go; giving advice and stepping back to allow them to make mistakes and learn. Glad to have found your blog today at the Beloved Brews. Blessings to you!

  • Sharita

    Oh Yolanda– so glad you (and Jesus!) were able to come to his rescue. I am obviously still very new in my motherhood journey and finding that balance of rescuing and letting our child be is a delicate balance… Fortunately, I know that Jesus will show me the way! Thanks for sharing this today.

  • Carol

    What a blessing it is to have a heavenly Father to lean into as a mother. We need His direction and help. I agree with you–we are mother’s always, regardless of the age of our child. Have a blessed Mother’s Day weekend!

  • Bonnie Lyn Smith

    Oh my goodness! Beautiful, Yolanda! And congratulations on your birthday and graduation! Thank you for sharing the journey of mothering adult children with us so honestly. This was the line that got me: “Motherhood does not come with a retirement package.” Need to hear this over and over again when I get my selfish on. Blessings from “Espressos of Faith”!

  • Kelly Balarie

    These are great mom words. The road won’t always be easy, but it will be filled with opportunities to grow wiser. ha! You children are so blessed to have you. May you be so encouraged! Love you #RaRalinkup sister.

  • Christine Wood

    Oh Yolanda, you are a Gift from God. I didn’t know you were a blogger! And you have so much wisdom to impart to us younger Moms. I’m so glad I “discovered” you!!!! Thank you for sharing!

  • Astrid

    Wow, you’re an awesome mother! I am so glad your son is safe and well. You reached out to God, and He answered. I’m so glad you used God’s guidance! #FellowshipFriday