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There is one body and one Spirit, just as there is one hope to which God has called you. There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism; there is one God and Father of all people, who is Lord of all, works through all, and is in all. Ephesians 4:4-6 (GNT)

Conversation with a dear Sister-Friend:

Tai: Did you notice that you used my picture on the Grace and Truth Linkup today instead of yours? LOL! My face is on your blog post [He Is Risen…No Matter How You Label It] When I saw it I thought it was so crazy. I’m like GOD is that confirmation to my heart that we’re supposed to do something great together for your glory?!

Me: Bahaha…now this is too much! Yeah I’d say we’re connected!

Tai: Hahaha! I was so tickled by it!

Me: Girl…he clearly has woven us together…I’m trickled too… And thanks for that screenshot, as I will be using it. Lol

There it was…My blog, He Is Risen…No Matter How You Label It, linked up for all my blogger peeps to see. Each week when I link up on other sites, I am careful to make sure I grab my own picture as opposed to someone else’s.

In this case it looks like careful took on a new meaning.

Another time, I even posted my blog and the button for #RaRaLinkUp showed up as my featured image when it published. There are two conclusions I had to choose from:

  1. I am losing it….Who cannot differentiate their own photo from someone else’s? HA!
  2. Some people are just divinely connected. Actually all of God’s children are in some way.

Hmmmm…the latter is much more appealing…I choose #2, the God kinda connected one!

Tai East is a dear Sister and Friend that I met via Twitter just about five months ago. I actually met her through Kelly Balarie, Blog Guru from #RaRaLinkUp at The verdict is still out on exactly how Kelly and I stumbled upon each other in Twitter-land. And they can retire for all we care. We are just happy we found each other.

From the onset of our divine connection, we began to discover that our worlds are intertwined in the spirit realm. Tai and I actually consider ourselves to be long lost twins in the Spirit. Even as I was sitting, writing this very post, a Facebook message popped up from…guess who??? Tai, of course. Confirmation after confirmation has proven that God speaks to us just the same and oftentimes about the same exact things at the same exact times.

Truth be told, this has been happening with many of my Siblings-In-Christ over and over and over again. Each morning I get up, I follow a little routine of praying and then journaling what I believe God is speaking to me for the day. More often than not, He confirms His words almost verbatim through someone in my world.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.   Hebrews 13:8 (NIV)

How befitting, Christ being the same:

…speaks through us the same

…oftentimes moves through us the same

…and all the time loves us the same.

Yep…we are “one in the same” through Him.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him… Genesis 1:27 (ESV)

By design, He created us  in His image from the inside out for a purpose…HIS purpose!

It is not about you.

It is not about me.

It is all about HIM!

Sometimes we need a reminder…even if it is putting someone’s picture up instead of your own.

Side note: This is a much better explanation than trying to figure out how I cannot recognize my own self.

Lord, may I always endeavor to display Your true character at all times, such that the world sees You and not me. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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Yolanda is a devoted follower of Christ. As an author and speaker, she seeks out opportunities to spread the Gospel. Her personal mission is... To Communicate & Demonstrate Unshakable Faith! She is the proud mother of three and has one grandson, whom she adores. Her bonus family member is her spoiled rotten long haired chihuahau, Pennie.

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41 thoughts on “One In The Same…Through Christ

  • Jenni DeWitt

    Oh that is great! And I know what you mean. One day I write something either on a blog post or in my prayer journal, and then the next day I stumble upon something so similar I could have written it myself. The Spirit seems to speak a unified message to His daughters. You two are both so cute! Glad to be introduced to you through Twitter and the linkups as well. Love and blessings!

  • Karen Brown

    Ha! Love this explanation much better than the “I’m losing it.” one. Yes- we all bear God’s image, so are connected by Him. I love the sisterhood you found in Tai. And I love your beautifully written message. These words spoke to me and leave me feeling a connection with you: “Yep…we are “one in the same” through Him.” Thanks for sharing your gift here. Blessings, friend.

    • Yolanda Perry Post author

      HA I will stick with my story. Just this weekend, I mixed up Kristi & Christy from #RaRaLinkUp when I was sharing their contest link via Twitter. We are all the same and we should just accept that! 🙂

  • Winter

    This is great! I have 2 spirit sisters that I’m so thankful for God bringing them into my life! They are just as passionate about living in Christ and encouraging others. What a blessing you have found this friendship! Your neighbor at Titua2sday

  • Dana

    Wow, that is so great!! And how strange that I tweeted BOTH OF YOU last night!? I don’t usually do that. Too funny.

    God is good. I love how He sends confirmation after confirmation when He’s doing something. 🙂

  • Lisa Murray

    Love how your accident revealed itself as God’s blessing! I believe as you state that, “More often than not, He confirms His words almost verbatim through someone in my world.” Isn’t that just like God? I never have to wonder if something is coincidence. He faithfully orders all of my steps and my “accidents”. Blessings to you, Yolanda!

    Lisa Murray

  • Tai East

    Yolanda, you are so awesome! I just love you! Only you could see how great our GOD is in such a small little hiccup like this and be able to turn it into an amazing blog post to encourage our hearts so greatly. You are operating in the ability and authority of GOD’S HOLY and perfect SPIRIT and phenomenal things are ahead of you, my friend!

  • Lisha Epperson

    I love His nudgings…and this one seems so obvious Yolanda! Keep tuning in to the messages He sends. I look forward to watching the developement of your connection. #NoCoincidenceInChrist

  • Crystal Storms

    Yolanda, I love how you see God’s hand in what could have seemed like a mistake. It is amazing how He uses social media and blogs to bring His children to one another so we can encourage and point each other to our great God. Thank you, Yolanda, for sharing your heart at #IntentionalTuesday on Intentionally Pursuing. : )

  • Kristi

    Both you gals bring a smile. Love this. And, yes, it’s all for Him, even scrunch-your-eyebrows, now-how-did-that-happen picture postings. #WriteonJesusgirl. #raralinkup

  • Karla

    LOL, i have had issues with my images for posting as well…love how you think that happens, to remind us we are all His & in Him!
    All about Him, forever & ever!
    Bless you!
    Karla xo

  • Michelle Viscuse

    Perfect timing… loved reading this! We stayed late after Bible study last night giving Him praise because “He is the same, and He is always speaking.” Our words connected and what He was showing each of us was similar as well. We took the time to share, connect and give Him the glory – and I am so thankful for the many virtual connections/link-ups that do the same! You are a blessing!

  • Kristin Hill Taylor

    The word “display” jumped out to me here. It’s true, we can choose whether to display God’s character in our lives. Or at least try to display that. Goodness, it’s hard some days, but he manages to make it possible through him alone. So grateful he never changes and keeps working on us and through us. Thanks for linking up at #ThreeWordWednesday.

  • Mary Dolan Flaherty

    Yolanda, I love this! I met two other women through blogging…and like you, I’ll be darned if I can remember how…we are all three quirky and funny with a strange sense of humor that not everyone gets nor appreciates. We’re connecting and praying about how the three of us can further the kingdom with our blogs and what to do next. I love when this happens!

  • Bonnie Lyn Smith

    Aw, I have really come to love all three of you and what the Lord has you write about (you, Tai, Kelly). So sweet to see the ongoing connections here. He really does make us of one mind, unified in the Spirit, and He uses people to confirm what He is speaking to us. Blessings to all of you from “Espressos of Faith”!