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Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it. Psalm 139:14 (NLT)

What is being “normal” anyway? Normal is defined as “conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. Hmmm…how does one who is specifically and uniquely crafted by the God of all creation supposed align with that definition? Better yet, why should anyone have to? We were created in the image of God, which is multi-faceted and non-conforming.

Even Scripture reminds us that we are not called to heed to the world’s standards. Paul writes in Romans 12:2 (NIV), “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

We should celebrate our differences and never feel compelled to apologize for who we are, for our likes and dislikes, for our taste, or for our thought process…as long as each aligns with the will of God for our lives. Someone else’s opinion of us should never override our conviction about our true selves.

Always be true to who YOU are. God did not create you to be someone else’s version of yourself.

As long as you are walking closely enough with God such that you can hear Him clearly…His convictions, His instructions, His promptings…never allow anyone else’s views dictate what makes you feel good or right about you. If you do, that feeling will be temporary at best.

Always seek out mentors who possess the heartbeat of God, who walk in His love and compassion.

God will put people in your path who will speak life and truth into your spirit, if you are open to what He gives them to say…just when you need it. And even when it does not feel good, it will still feel right to YOU when spoken from a place of love. And when they are not available, you will sometimes have to be your own sounding board…your own biggest fan…your own greatest encourager.

Finally, don’t just BE YOU…DO YOU with confidence!

I have three INCREDIBLE children, all have totally different personalities. My daughter, Kadazia, has the most colorful personality I know of. Her imagination goes far beyond anything that can be described in words. From a very early age, she sought out ways to make sure she was different and stood out from the crowd. More often than not, her taste did not fit the status quo and she has an art of breaking every fashion rule and trend ever set (whether spoken or unspoken). Though Kadazia was bold enough to do, try, or wear what most would never even attempt, she still, at times, sought the approval of others. Inside, she wanted to fit (sort of). I can remember a time or two or three that I was not in approval of an outfit choice…all because I thought it was not presentable.

Thankfully I came to a conclusion very early on. It came in the form of thought provoking questions: Would it be better for my children to dress in outfits that they feel out of place in because everyone else approves? Or would it be better if my children feel good about themselves in what they think suits them despite what others think about it, including me?

With grinding teeth and a slanted smile…I chose to answer “no” the the first question and “yes” to the latter question. No way should they ever conform to what others think at the cost of feeling conflicted inside about who they really are.

Most times I shook my head at Kadazia’s clothes of choice: mixed patterns and colors and fabrics all in one custom-made ensemble. But I can remember her smiles and feeling the aura of  confidence and poise beaming from her as she glanced back as she went off to school. I remember saying to her once, “Well Kadazia…at least you can pull it off!” And she did. We’d sometimes arrive at a pre-determined destination and step out of our vehicle. Just a few steps in I’d overhear someone say something like, “Hey, cute outfit!” Ironically, they were referring to Kadazia’s attire not mine. Go figure. I would chuckle inside. Then I felt proud that I get to be her mom. And then I kinda start to like the outfit a little too. Well…that may be stretching it a bit…

Nonetheless, my beautiful girl taught me how to embrace the unpopular, how to embrace the unique, how to embrace a new kind of “normal” that comes in many shades, shapes, sizes, and styles that we present to the world individually.

You get to define normal for you. Never feel compelled to apologize for the YOU that God created YOU to be.

Be You authentically. Celebrate You daily. Do You confidently.

And love You…just the way YOU are!


Lord, Thank You…for the me, that You created me to be…in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

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Yolanda is a devoted follower of Christ. As an author and speaker, she seeks out opportunities to spread the Gospel. Her personal mission is... To Communicate & Demonstrate Unshakable Faith! She is the proud mother of three and has one grandson, whom she adores. Her bonus family member is her spoiled rotten long haired chihuahau, Pennie.

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46 thoughts on “Pardon me…or NOT – For being normal according to ME

  • Carmen Horne

    “You get to define normal for you. Never feel compelled to apologize for the YOU that God created YOU to be.” Ooooo, I like this. Your daughter sounds just plain fun. You are a good mom to facilitate, encourage and love her uniqueness. <3

  • Tyra

    Just stopping by to say hello to my friend and to say I’m happy you launched when you did because really, will we ever be READY? Your words are already blessing countless people. God called me to launch my blog 4 years ago but part of my hesitancy was this doubt about if I was good enough. Did I have something special to say? Wasn’t the market already saturated with people with a similar message. And what God clearly spoke to me was “I have given you a unique voice. I have attuned a remnant to hear your voice. They are waiting to hear from you.” Well, when He made it that clear, I had no choice but to obey and walk out the call. Indeed I am special. Praying you embracing being “Specially You”.

  • Stephanie Tisby

    Wow !!! Awesome word girl!! I am so happy Jesus loves me, and I love myself:) So true, I am so happy that I am fearfully, and wonderfully made. I really appreciate the fact that God created us all to look, and be different. How boring it would be, if we all were the same or just alike, no differences. Lol

  • Sabra Penley

    Yolanda, thank you for this post. I often need to be reminded about the fact that I’m not supposed to look like the world. If I do, how on earth will I ever be a reflection of our awesome God?! Thank you for speaking Scripture throughout your message. We all need to fill our minds and hearts with His Word, and you are helping us do that. Stopped in from Suzie’s link-up. Many blessings to you!

  • ~ linda

    Oh, Yolanda, I have spent most of my life trying to “fit in” only to find out 22 years ago that I was beautifully and wonderfully made by the Creator Who wants me to be His and stand forth as an image of Christ, His Son. This has been a reassuring post and a healthy reminder to allow God to continually transform my mind and heart.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  • Kim Stewart

    Sweet Yolanda, can you just come over every day and whisper this in my ear: “Always be true to who YOU are. God did not create you to be someone else’s version of yourself.” Beautiful encouragement today! Have a great one and #livefree, Kim

  • Abby McDonald

    Amen, Yolanda! Thank you for the reminder to just be me. Comparison exhausts each of us and robs us of our joy. It isn’t how God intended us to live! We are his masterpiece, each created for works he prepared for us. Thank you for sharing the truth, dear friend.

  • Christine Duncan

    Mentors that possess the heartbeat of God… gosh, I love that! That’s been an important part of my growing faith, surrounding myself with others who have a real passion for Him. Even to the point of starting a mentoring group for teen girls within my church… and the longer I get to know them, the more each one’s unique gifts are apparent, even when they may not be my cup-o-tea 🙂
    Thinking I’ll be sharing your post with them! I know it’ll bless!
    Love your uplifting words, loving your spirit, Yolanda!
    … Your sis, visiting from #livefreeThursday AND #BelovedBrews

  • Gayl

    “Someone else’s opinion of us should never override our conviction about our true selves.” Yolanda, this is so true. How often do we hide our true selves because we worry about what others think? Probably more times than we would all like to admit. But God made each of us unique. How boring would it be if we were all exactly alike? We should celebrate our differences and unite in encouraging each other to be who God has called us to be, not what someone thinks we should be. Thank you for your lovely post!

  • Dana

    Yolanda: As always, I loved your blog today! These lines spoke to my heart: “You get to define normal for you. Never feel compelled to apologize for the YOU that God created YOU to be. Be You authentically. Celebrate You daily. Do You confidently. And love You…just the way YOU are!” I love that you tell us to define normal for us. This isn’t easy, since from a young age we are told to fit in and do whatever it takes to fit in and be liked!!! It’s time to stand out (for me!). Thank you for saying this!

  • bluecottonmemory

    There is so much beautiful mother love and mother wisdom here! My 5 boys have all surprised me that fashion has been an issue in our home, too. I’m learning that sometimes they need to go through saggy pants, scraggly beards to find themselves. Your post showed so much grace in this walk!

  • Momo

    Lovely article Yolanda! What a great reminder to be what God created us to be! I found you on Grace & Truth (my post is next to yours). I’ll be following you! Blessings!

  • Mary Dolan Flaherty

    Yolanda, I love this! We ought to celebrate who we are instead of hanging our head and being ashamed or embarrassed because we are different! A few years ago, I reconnected with my best friend from childhood, and in our catching up emails, she told me that she talks about me (the little girl me) all the time to her girls. She remembers me as “quirky.” At first, I was taken aback. I didn’t think I was quirky (aka weird). But then I thought about it, and said, “Yeah, I guess I am, and always was. And so what? That makes me uniquely me!” Great post. Visiting from The Weekend Brew.

  • Tayrina

    Hi. I relate to your words here. We are called to be different than the world around us. In fact, we are agents on change. Loved this post. Hope to read more and be encourage. Tayrina from TGAWrites

  • Latonya

    Yolanda, I truly enjoyed this post. It took me some time to get to the place where I was okay with not fitting in.
    Thanks for the reminder of not placing discontentment in our children. I have a few fashionistas, too.

    • Yolanda Perry Post author

      Latonya! We should has a dress-off with our fashionistas! lol And yes…As long as they are not bringing dishonor to their bodies, we should embrace who they are evolving into. Saved me a lot of heightened emotions once I learned that one. 🙂

  • Mary Geisen

    I love how your normal defines you and my normal defines me! Great choice of verses to illustrate this and to remind us to be the best version of ourselves we can be. Blessed you linked up at The Weekend Brew.

  • Jenni DeWitt

    I love that story about your daughter! Sometimes I struggle with being who I am,despite what others may think. What a gift you’ve given your daughter in encouraging her to be herself bravely. As long as we are right with God, then life is good! Enjoyed your words today!

    • Yolanda Perry Post author

      Jenni…So blessed that you stopped by. It took me some time to learn. But thank God I got it concerning my kids. I was only tasked to train them up. The rest is up to God! She is an amazing girl who loves life!

  • Arabah Joy

    I appreciate the wisdom in this post! If we all lived out who God has made us to be instead of listening to others tell us who we should be, what a world we would live in! We would be free from so many pressures to look and act a certain way. Thanks for sharing this at Grace and Truth! Sharing now!