Transformation: Sometimes Change is Not Enough



If I blinked too long, I would have missed it.

If I allowed my past failures to dictate my next move, I would have ignored it.

If I judged based on past experiences, no doubt I would have talked myself out of it.


My life has been transformed by responding to a simple little ad…


7 Secrets to Losing Weight from the Inside Out!


Catchy title, yes. But that is not what captivated me. It was where I was seeing this ad that was much more intriguing. It was placed on the Elijah List, a prophetic website. This was interesting to me-A weight loss ad on a Christian website. So I signed up for the free webinar that was scheduled to take place about a week later.


The session I was available to tune in for took place late morning PST, so I had to multi-task and listen in as I continued to work. I was completely blown away at how God used Donna Partow, whom I had never heard of previously, to speak directly to my heart in that moment. I quickly realized that this was more than about losing weight physically. There was so much more baggage that I needed to release. By the end of the webinar, there I found myself draped over my desk sobbing and breathing a sigh of relief, all at the same time.


Who wants to picture what that scene looked like? Um…probably no one.


Finally, just what I needed in my life had landed right before me. The 90-Day Renewal: Spirit, Soul and Body.


The webinar was the day before my birthday, and with little thought I decided this would be a gift to myself. I signed up…immediately when the link to do so was released. I also thought of a quote by Dave Martin in that moment: “The only time you do not lose in when you invest in yourself.” Yes. I had to make this investment in myself. And oh the dividends that I am yet receiving since I began this journey with Women’s Empowerment University (WEU).


During the renewal I had so many God-experiences and aha moments. So I will have to limit what I share in this article.


It had been at least three years since I started taking excessive weight on again. I had successfully lost  up to 70 pounds more than once. But this time, I struggled with releasing it all again. I did not even realize that it was not a physical problem I was having. My turmoil was within my spirit and my soul. And surely this discovery made all the difference as I journeyed through the 2016 Spring Renewal.


From the onset, I was more excited about Scripture memory and getting into the word daily than I was about the few pounds that was coming off each week. But the more I leaned into God, the more motivated I became and the more the pounds and inches shed.


I took something to heart (or more accurately I put it in a choke hold) that I first heard Donna Partow say during  my first renewal, “If you get your spirit and soul in check, your body has no choice but to come along for the ride.” [My paraphrased version]


One of the greatest blessings from the renewal is having established a habit of praying in the Spirit for an hour at the top of my day.


Aside from that, my exercise habits increased about 200%! That is not an exaggeration…but is during the summer mostly.


Not to mention, my desire to do all that God has called me to do has returned with a vengeance!


During the renewal, one of the most life-changing challenges was the declutter contest. I actually started with my bedroom closet the week before the official contest. The same closet that I had so-called cleaned out about twice a year was now on the chopping block again. This time, I was truly ready to shed some dead weight. As I stripped things out of the closet, I imagined unwanted emotions, memories, and thoughts being stripped away at the same time. A Scripture comes to mind…


“Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us…” Hebrews 12:1 (ESV)


When I was done, I had let about 75% of the material (and emotional) things that I was holding on to for no good reason.




I had an epiphany when I flicked on the light the next time and looked in that closet. As I stood there, I saw clarity, not just in the natural, but also sensed it within my spirit. And then I heard the Holy Spirit whisper the following words to me…”increased capacity.” I had so much clutter, that there was no more room for God to keep depositing. Since that day, I have been able to hear God speak ever so clearly. And oh how I love to hear His voice!


I decided that 90 days was just not enough. Early on, I made a decision that this would be a forever journey with WEU.


As I ended my first renewal, there was not just more of God, there was much less of me. 30 pounds less to be exact (41 pounds were released by the end of my second renewal). I was humbly honored and surprised at the announcement that I even won the Total Transformation Contest for Spring. Though I submitted my information, and followed along as the contest required, I actually thought little about the outcome. I was being rewarded all along the way just by experiencing a transformation…from the inside out…just like that little ad had promised.


Change is good…sometimes. But transformation is an absolute #GAME CHANGER!


While I lost weight, as anticipated on this journey, I achieved so much more:


I am brand new… My life has been radically transformed by the power of God and alignment with WEU.

I now walk in a measure of confidence I never knew was within me…the God kind.

I gained the courage to be the me God created me to be…unapologetically!


NOW…I can be quite the story teller for sure. But you do know this share is about more than that, right? For certain I could have done without giving you the chance to pass judgment on my closet or make you feel better about yours by looking at mine. Ha! My desire is that this post sparks a desire for more, as the webinar did for me. That being said, it is challenge time!


What area of your life do you need God to transform?

Are you tired of settling for a little loose change.

If so, think of one thing you can do, one book you can read, one program you can join (like WEU), that would jump start your journey. Then do it, read it, join it…NOW!


If you know what that is now, would you leave me a comment so that I can pray for you…as you embark upon becoming brand new?


Lord…May I never again settle for change, when You want to do an overhaul in any area of my life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


To learn more about Donna Partow and Women’s Empowerment University (WEU), click on any of the hyperlinks throughout this blog. You can experience transformation too, through any of the classes offered. I have been impacted by all 6 that I have taken to date and am currently enrolled in two!

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