Who’s Yolanda?

Who’s Yolanda?

Yolanda Perry is the author of Worth the Wait, which was initially released in 2007. Prior to a God-ordained holding pattern, Yolanda served in all facets of ministry. She also led the women’s ministry at Living His Word Evangelistic Ministries for five years and ministered monthly at the Washington State Corrections Center for Women for over ten years, where she led hundreds to salvation and witnessed many lives being transformed.

Yolanda served 11 years in the US Army. Upon being honorably discharged, she enrolled into college as a full time student. She has since earned an Associate’s Degree in Arts & Sciences from Pierce College; ; an Associate’s Degree in Church Ministry & Leadership from Champions Centre College; a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration/Accounting from University of Washington; and a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from Grand Canyon University. However, her motto is to “never truly graduate.” Since one of Yolanda’s mottos is to “never truly graduate, she is currently enrolled with Jennifer LeClaire‘s School of the Prophets and in several classes with Women’s Empowerment University, led by Donna Partow.

As a speaker and writer, Yolanda’s personal mission is to communicate and demonstrate unshakable faith. She currently shares inspirational affirmations, devotions, and thoughts on her Facebook Page, Speak 2 My Heart by Yolanda. Yolanda is currently working on several writing projects and anticipates releasing her next book in 2017. Title will be released soon…

Now…Real Life Yolanda

Prayer and the prophetic are part of my DNA.

I absolutely love to watch movies! Comedy is my absolute favorite genre.

I enjoy creating opportunities for women who do not know each other to connect. Makes my heart melt to see new friendships formed.

Yellow and elephants are my favorite. They just are…

Taking adventurous vacations with my kids each year are a must!

I am addicted to traditions, literally. I love creating memories for my kids. My favorite tradition is to pack up and go to a hotel for Christmas…all the gifts and everything. There is something liberating about setting all the trash outside the door for someone else to take away. Don’t judge me…I always say thank you to the housekeepers for their dedicated service!

Last, but certainly not least…Raising my three amazing children is definitely among my greatest accomplishments: A son, Darius JaVar and two daughters, Kadazia KeSahn & Kyra ELise Perry. And God saw fit to give me a few added blessings, my grandson, JaVar Adrian Perry…and chunky long-haired chihuahua named Pennie. Oh…I also have many bonus kiddos that pass through via foster care, that I love like my own.